About me


Joanna Gawkowska (JoannaG)

I Graduated in Digital Art and Photography and also I am experimenting in Art 🙂 include Abstract Art and home made installation [which I still not presenting to wider public ;)] I am waiting for granted my application to Wedding Photography which can help me to build my own business.

I am Winner and mentioned in many competitions. Examples:

  1. The Best in Show December 2017 – All Themes – Contemporary
  2. December 2016 2nd  place  theme  Digital Art – Contemporary Gallery
  3. August 2016  6th place  theme  Cityscape – Photography – Contemporary Gallery
  4. Best in Show  March  2016 theme – Landscape – Photography and Digital Art – Contemporary Gallery
  5. October 2015  1st Place  theme – Colours (photography)  Contemporary Gallery

I like DC Comics, Marvel Universe and Scary Movies 🙂 however I love photography. Nature, macro, still life, landscape etc, any place where I feel alone, isolated and far away from any noises.

My main camera is Pentax and I do not feel enough comfortable to use Canon or Nikon. PRO is skills and hard work not equipment. No more comments.

I use Instagram but it is my private account when I completely do not try so I am hiding it to not scare you.

I uploading some websites and of course you watch my blog:



So have fun and feel confidence on my website 🙂